Q. What is this course?

Ans. A GIS supported course on Integrated Natural Resource Management planning under MGNREGA.

Q. Do I have to be a MGREGA official to do this online course?

Ans:  No, this course is available for all. Anyone can access this course.

Q. How to access this course?

Ans. In order to access this course, you need to Register yourself followed by login on e-saksham website.

Q. How to Register?

Ans. As you open the website you will see a register tab in the top right corner of the webpage.

Q. I have registered. What happens next?

Ans. Go to the course page, Click on “Join the Course” and start learning.

Q. What are the requirements to this course?

Ans. Anyone with basic computer skills and familiarity internet browsing.

Q. What should I do if I have some doubt or query related to any Lecture?

Ans. You can visit the Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) section, which is available at the end of each module. Or you can post your question in forum.

Q. Can I comment or provide feedback about the lecture?

Ans. You can go to the contact section, there’s a “Leave a Message” form, where you can send your feedback, comment or inputs.

Q. Do I have to pay or what should I do when someone asks for payment for this course?

Ans. No, this course is available for free. If anyone asks for payment for this course. Please report it to your block or district office.

Q. Is it compulsory to attempt the Quiz?

Ans. No, you can skip the quiz if you do not wish to attempt it. In doing so, you wont be able to see your progress status of the course

Q. Can I check the answer of the quiz?

Ans. Yes, once you complete the quiz and submit your answers, you can check the correct answers.

Q. Can I skip lectures or modules?

Ans. Yes, you can visit any lectures of any module after you have registered and logged in the website. We recommend you to go in sequence for all lectures.

Q. How do I access any important links related to the course?

Ans. You can visit the Important Link section on the website.

Q. How can I download important documents related to INRM?

You can visit the Downloads section in the website and get the list documents for downloads related to INRM Planning

Q. Is there a course outline (syllabus)?

Ans. Visit Curriculum under the course section to get the outline of the course.

Q. How much time will be involved in lectures?

Ans. The duration, of the course, is around two and a half hours.